Jeremy Flores ankle injury update: ready for Dubstep, maybe not Pipeline

After hurting his ankle in an awkward, close-out barrel in France, Jeremy Flores has been working diligently towards being able to compete again. Flores has been forced to skip two World Tour events, Portugal and the Search,  and he may have to skip the Billabong Pipeline Masters next month also. Two factors will decide this: 1. a small fracture in his tibia close to his ankle and 2. the ligaments must be fully healed before he can surf again.

Ankle injuries appear to be coming into style these past few events, with Pat Gudauskas fracturing one of his after successfully landing a Gorkin flip in San Francisco. Especially if there’s ligament damage involved it can be a while before it’s ready to surf on. But as Jeremy Flores clearly demonstrates above, getting back in the game is a Dubstep-by-step process.

Video: Vimeo  Source: Jeremy Flores’ Blog

Are you hungry for a snack… pack?

Quiksilver has got your hunger covered with it’s most recent Snack Pack offering. This one’s flavor? French, of course. Even if you watched the 2011 Quiksilver Pro France it’s worth checking out as the video quality is decidedly better than the live webcasts. “Snack Packs” seem to be a burgeoning offer from Quiksilver, the above being the third one this year. It would be great to see such well produced contest wrap ups from other events. Oh, and you wanna trade me the rest of it for this banana?

Source: YouTube

Gabriel Medina wins 2011 Quiksilver Pro France

Gabriel Medina Wins Quiksilver Pro France 2011

In just his second event as a World Tour Competitor, at the age of 17, Gabriel Medina has taken first place in the 2011 Quiksilver Pro France. It came down to the last wave; Julian had priority but left Gabriel out the back after taking off on a lackluster wave. It was all Medina needed to get the score and take the win. Great surfing in the final, with Julian Wilson pulling another Sex-change varial (essentially a Big Spin followed by a body varial) and Medina completing multiple Air-reverses to get the winning score. Congratulations to both surfers, as this was the first ASP World Tour final for them both; surely the first of many.

Photo/Source: Quiksilver Pro France 2011 Live Webcast

Julian Wilson beats Jordy Smith in form to take spot in Quiksilver Pro Final

Julian And Jordy Semi 2 Quik Pro France 11

Julian Wilson has been scraping by in his last few heats, but at the end of Semi Final #2 at the Quiksilver Pro France he found his footing, literally. During his last big score he lost traction on his back foot and it slid off. In the middle of the turn he was going into he fell back, caught the board with his hand, and managed to hold himself up and slide his foot back on the board, then surfed the rest of wave. Amazing reflexes; puma-like even. Jordy’s showing wasn’t shabby in the slightest, but Julian managed to get on the better waves. You’ve heard this before, but this Final is going to be a good one.

Photo/Source: Quiksilver Pro France 2011 Live Webcast

Gabriel Medina scores perfect 10; goes to Final in his 2nd event on World Tour

Gabrial Medina Semi 1 Quik Pro France 11

This is the heat to watch. Gabriel Medina put Taylor Knox in a combination situation, where he needs two scores to take the lead, in the first ten minutes of the heat with his first two waves. But he didn’t stop there. With seven minutes to go in the heat Medina threw a major inverted aerial, leaning so far back it looked impossible to stand up—but he did. Adding to the heat was the fact that Medina is the Tour’s youngest surfer at 17, up against it’s oldest, Taylor, at 40. This final is going to be a good one.

Photo/Source: Quiksilver Pro France 2011 Live Webcast

Jordy Smith through to the Semis after a tactical Quarter #3

Jordy Quarter 3 Victory Interview Quik Pro France 11

Quarter Final #3 was a textbook example of tactical heat surfing by Jordy Smith, besting a fired up Alejo Muniz. Jordy waited out the back and unlike the previous heat he was able to find the bigger and better waves. Alejo didn’t stop searching; Jordy used his priority to keep him off of two consecutive waves by kicking out the back of the first before Muniz was off the wave. He’ll be up against Julian Wilson who just won his heat in Semi Final #2.

Photo/Source: Quiksilver Pro France 2011 Live Webcast